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Interview on White Plains Community TV

Just A Jewel

Host:  Author Malik



"Get (T)here If You Can"...


In the words of composer Brenda Russel, if you hear that Stephen Fuller is in owe it to yourself to "Get Here If You Can."  Your eyes, soul and listening mind will sparkle with every single note.  Stephen Fuller is pure polish.  If you have enjoyed the sounds of the greats - Jon Lucien, Nat King Cole, or Johnny Hartman, then you will love the artistry of Stephen Fuller.  Influenced by his predecessors, and a master of the ballad, Fuller's rich baritone voice, is only transcended by his charismatic personality.  Stephen Fuller's shows include familiar magical Caribbean melodies.  His line up of tunes, and personnel - usually a quartet, are exciting and a compliment to Mr. Fuller's class act.


Reviewer:  Laura Owens

Organization:  Mywordsyourvoice

Event:  Studio Session in New York City

Event Date:  March 27, 2015

Hired as:  Jazz Singer

Jersey Jazz

By Joe Lang


At our last New Jersey Jazz Society member’s social, a pleasant gentleman approached me, and offered me a copy of his new CD to review. It was Stephen Fuller, a Newark-based vocalist who had just recorded his first album. Expressions of the Heart (FullerSounds -1001) proved to be a most appealing collection by a singer with a rich, smooth vocal style. He has a fine band in support, Lou Rainone on piano, Bob DeVos on guitar, Diane Perry on violin, Karl Kaminski on bass and Greg Bufford on drums, with percussionist Geovanni Arencibia present on three tracks. The program is eclectic, a bit of soul, “With You I’m Born Again”, On and On” and “Caribbean Queen”, a taste of bossa nova, “Dindi”, standards, “Send In The Clowns” and “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life”, and some pop/rock “Time After Time” and “And I Love Her”, but Rainone’s arrangements give them all a jazz flavor. The musical voices of Rainone, DeVos and Perry lend strong support to Fuller’s vocalizing. Fuller is a confident singer who has created an album that should have appeal to a wide audience. (




Vivian Reed

Two Time Tony Award  Nominee


“Hi Stephen... First of all the album is superb and the photos and graphics look absolutely wonderful. You did a wonderful job!!!! You should feel proud.”

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